Photo: Paula Lobo, NYTimes

Photo: Paula Lobo, NYTimes

Bruno Isakovic’s Denuded at Abrons Arts Center presents the talented Ana Vnucec in a stunning solo piece. She takes off her clothes and stands naked before the audience. She calmly and purposefully makes eye contact with every single audience member. She draws attention to her breath and we become aware of when she is breathing deeply and when she is not. This process evolves as the lights dim and Ms. Vnucec seems to be pulled up and out into space through the sound of her breath as she expands and contracts. She never really removes a foot entirely off the floor and yet she floats. The piece has a slowly calming effect, largely due in part to her artful, nuanced performance and the beautiful lighting. Her movements return her to standing, the lights return to as before. She bows and leaves. Bruno Isakovic is a dance artist I had never heard of before and I am so glad I was able to see this piece. His thoughts on the body, the gaze, the breath and audience contact are important and exciting. This performance is part of the Queer International Arts Festival, now in it’s third year. A festival and an artist to keep an eye on.

Brian Siebert reviews Denuded for the NYTimes here: 


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