Mor Shani’s Love-ism was presented at the Abrons Art Center as part of the Queer New York International Arts Festival. Performed with commitment and nuance by Pawel Konior and Majon van der Schot, this duet is Shani’s exploration of human intimacy. Konior and van der Schot demonstrated a robust athleticism and virtuosic displays of partnering. The repetitive nature of some of the smaller phrases, which mutate into amplified and more acrobatic feats, is divine. To see small patterns emerge as larger acts of movement is exciting. I like this piece, but for me it seems to be lacking in a certain sensuality. There is part of me that wanted to see reverence in the performers for the sacred-ness of the other’s body such as the curve of the ear or the arch of the foot. About 1/4 of the way through the piece, Mr. Konior disrobes while van der Schot keeps her trunks on. I questioned why this was, and came to no certain conclusions. (perhaps because there is a lift in which Ms. van der Schot sits on Mr. Konior’s foot as if it were a bicycle seat and he lifts her up? I’ve attached a clip below) I think this duet is part of a larger work (including a film with many different performers) by Mor-Shani that falls under the Umbrella of Love-ism. As for this particular duet, I’m unsure as to what was particularly queer about this performance. I questioned what was de-stabilizing or critical of social constructs in this duet. Maybe I’ll watch it again and have some revelation at some point in the future. Enjoy the clip below.


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