During a long weekend in LA, I caught playwright/performer Dael Orlandersmith’s new work, Forever at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City.  In forever, Ms. Orlandersmith hovers in and around the idea of family — “the ones we were born into, the ones we create for ourselves — and the legacies that shape us all.” Harlem, Père Lachaise Cemetery, rock ’n’ roll, Jim Morrison, Richard Wright, poetry and ghosts from the past surface and resurface throughout this autobiographical piece.

Ms. Orlandersmith maintains a casual, honest authority throughout the piece, which lays bare the frought relationship with her mother and veers frequently into the dark and lyrical world of her memory. Lit beautifully  by Mary Louise Geiger, Ms. Orlandersmith’s face changes considerably over the course of the play. Takeshi Kata’s simple and elegant wooden set frames the stage with photographs from the past.

Forever makes its world premiere at the Kirk Douglas Theatre Oct 9 – 26, 2014. More info:http://www.centertheatregroup.org/tic…


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