Robert Wilson and Rufus Wainwright’s Shakespeare’s Sonnets was a visual and musical delight. Mr. Wilson’s expert sculpting of bodies, shadow, and light is some of the most skillful artistry I have seen. Mr. Wainwright’s music is diverse and melodically rich while also taking unexpected turns.

Mr. Wilson’s mise-en-scence is so starkly stylized by now, everything seems to have been exaggerated or stripped to the extreme. The actors faces almost resemble the painted masks of the Cirque du Soleil. The costumes and makeup are so severe, that gender is almost erased. There are men playing women and women playing men, but one can’t really tell who is who for certain.

I will always admire the theatrical signature of Robert Wilson. I love the attenuation of time, the pale blues and whites, and the use of silhouette. He is a rare artist that presents the audience with dream images, thematic symbols, and lets our imagination fill in all of the beautiful space he leaves us.


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